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The Best Holiday Party Ever

At my workplace, we usually have a holiday party at the end of the year. It’s more of a pot luck kind of thing where people will bring the experimental recipes that they’ve been working on throughout the year and see if they pass the taste test among the employees. I’ve seen some pretty weird looking dishes at these parties. In fact, the only thing that is usually safe to consume is the punch. This year, we decided to do things a little differently. The entire office got on a Platinum Party Bus and had a much more fun experience.

No one brought any crazy food concoctions this year, because we didn’t need any. We had all of the alcohol we could drink on the bus, and we went around to restaurants to eat.

This Celebration Was a Blast when I Graduated

I am finding that it is time for me to have fun in life. I have been very school-oriented since I was in elementary school. When I reached high school, my goal was to get excellent grades so that I could get into a good university. My ultimate goal was medical school. When I got in to the med school of my choice, I was ecstatic. Unlike many of my friends who were just getting business degrees, there was no time for partying. When I graduated, I wanted to make up for lost time by getting a Platinum party bus rental to celebrate all of my hard work.

Because I could not spend time partying when I was in school, I had no idea which ones were the best ones, and I really did not care. I had heard too much about the trouble that goes on in some of them to want to spend time finding a quieter one. I figured that renting a bus so that we could just do our thing onboard in a classy way was a better idea.

I asked if the bus has a DVD player for the TVs that are onboard, and I was told that they do. So, I bought a bunch of fun dance DVDs to play in the background on the screens. I figured that if anyone was quiet when the music started, the DVDs would inspire everyone to get up and have fun. That is exactly what happened after everyone had a few drinks in them.

Later, I asked that food be catered because If anyone had been drinking too much, filling your stomach with some food always helps to balance things out. We had a fantastic dinner, and it tasted so yummy. At the end of the night, the bus dropped everyone off at the parking lot where their cars were parked.

End of Summer Family Beach Getaways

Summer is coming to an end and with the first day of school right around the corner, we’ve put together last minute summer getaways for the entire family to enjoy.

From flying kites in Mackinac Island, MI to educational development at the Kid’s Club in Nantucket, MI, below find the best ways to make the most out of summer with your family.

The Nantucket Hotel – Nantucket, MA

The Nantucket Hotel, located in the heart of Nantucket and the Island’s only premier, all-season destination hotel and resort, is offering a new complimentary program for toddlers from August 31 to September 11, 2015 – perfect for a last minute summer getaway for the family. The Parent/Toddler Program allows parents and children to participate in a variety of activities, geared towards the many stages of your child’s early development with themes including ‘Strength and Motor Coordination/ Fine Motor Development / Imagination and Creativity / Sensory Stimulation. Located in the Kid’s Club, parents will enjoy spending time with their infants, toddlers and preschoolers from 9AM – 10:30AM, Monday – Friday. The Nantucket is made up of guest rooms and 1-4 bedroom suites and cottages, sleeping from one to twelve people and ideal for family getaway.

Vanderbilt Grace – Newport, RI

Originally built by Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt 1909, Vanderbilt Grace is a vintage Newport mansion that been restored to its former glory to operate as a fulling functioning luxury hotel. An ideal family getaway, Vanderbilt Grace offers indoor and outdoor pools, a variety of activities and lies minutes away from the waterfront and many cultural attractions of Newport. From May 9th-October 31st, families can book the Newport Family Getaway Experience which includes:

    • Book one Master Jr. Suite or Commodore Suite and receive a connecting suite half price for the children
    • Children under 12 will receive a special children’s menu, and under 3 will receive complimentary food and beverage
    • Bedtime snack cart rolled to rooms for kids to choose from cookies, popcorn, fruit and cereal
    • Selection of activities:
        • Eaton’s Beach, inflatable water slide on Tues/Thurs
        • Vanderbilt Grace Scavenger Hunt
        • Atlantic Beach Club’s afternoon live music
        • The Breakers mansion kid tour and tennis lessons at International Tennis Hall of Fame

      Mission Point Resort – Mackinac Island, MI

Set on 18 acres of lakefront property where Lake Huron meets Lake Michigan, lies Mission Point. Idea for families to enjoy before the end of the season in October and when kids go back to school, Mission Point offers activities such as a waterfront 18 hole putting course, observation tower and museum, movie theater, Mackinac art and history museum, and tennis court. Kids will enjoy flying kites on the sweeping lawn, tasting fudge at the fudge shops throughout town and playing golf on the 18 hole water-front golf course. Families can book the Mission Point Family Experience, which includes:

    • Accommodations
    • Breakfast in Round Island Bar & Grill on two mornings
    • Round of golf on the 18 hole executive putting greens
    • Half day bike rentals
    • Fort Mackinac tickets
    • Butterfly house tickets
    • Round trip ferry tickets on Star Line
    • Milk and cookie welcome amenity
    • Resort lawn games (tennis, croquet, bocce ball)

Winnetu Oceanside Resort Resort – Edgartown, MA

Winnetu Oceanside Resort Resort, a family-friendly resort on Martha’s Vineyard, is the perfect property for a fall getaway before the kids go back to school in September. Located on South Beach in Edgartown, the property recently launched a fully complimentary Toddler Program which includes an extravagantly kitted out Play Room designed to keep even the youngest toddlers busy and amused. There are several themes of the Toddlers Program geared towards the different stages of toddler’s development targeting Strength and Motor Coordination/ Fine Motor Development / Imagination and Creativity / Sensory Stimulation. The Toddler’s Program includes trips to a local farm, fire truck rides (in the resort’s vintage 1956 pumper fire truck) plus an elaborate pirate themed playground, face painting, lemonade and cookies, and outdoor, life-size chess. The resort features 1-4 bedroom hotel suites and to 3-5 bedroom private homes, all featuring either a kitchenette or full kitchen- perfect for large families. In addition, the resort offers two private cottages and larger, 3-bedroom private townhouse/home rentals for families who want to stay for extended periods of time. Additionally, the property recently launched a ‘Sea For Yourself’ experience which allows families to explore the sister resort on Nantucket – The Nantucket Hotel – through a fully complimentary ferry service, plus complimentary pick up/drop off car transfer.

Travel Tips for Large Groups

Whether it’s for a destination wedding, school trip or conference, traveling with a large group can bring about a unique set of challenges. Here are some tips to make the process a bit more manageable.

Set Expectations

In a large group it’s virtually impossible that everyone’s interests and personal travel tastes will be accommodated, therefore it’s important to manage group expectations. Set a clear itinerary before the trip so everyone knows what destinations or sights will or will not be visited.

Setting a clear itinerary will allow groups to avoid any potential confusion when sightseeing.

Choose Leaders

Large groups can split into several smaller groups to make the traveling process more manageable. In this case it’s useful to choose sub-group leaders who can better micromanage the individual needs of the smaller groups. Holidaymakers can then be sorted by their travel interests and assigned to group leaders. Artsy travelers can enjoy endless hours in art museums, while outdoorsy types can instead hit a hiking trail.

Not every traveler will be interested in or able to participate in all of the group's activities.

Receive Payment

Don’t get caught out. Instead aim to receive full payment from each group member well in advance of the trip. Sometimes, a deposit just isn’t enough.

Reserve Air Travel 6-9 Months Ahead

Any group that wants to fly together should contact the airline to reserve their air travel at least 6-9 months in advance. Airlines will be more likely to have large quantities of seats available on popular routes and on off-peak days like Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

Try Trip Planning Services

Specialty travel agents will be able to provide logistical support with everything from private bus transportation, group dining experiences and accommodation. Contacting the hotels directly is definitely an option, but it can be time consuming. Besides, specialty accommodation booking services, like House Parties in the UK, have already done this legwork when it comes to planning perfect large group holidays.

4 Ways in which a Camping Holiday is a More Authentic Family Trip

One thing most holidaymakers would like from their trips is an authentic experience. All too often a trip to a foreign land can leave us feeling as though we would have been better off staying at home. If you want a truly authentic holiday experience the next time around then you should consider the following reasons for going on a camping trip.

1. Meet Local Tourists

An interesting statistic about camping holidays in Europe tells us that around two thirds of people who go camping do so in their own country. Of course, you might choose to stay at home as well. However, if you decide to go to a foreign campsite you can expect to bump into at least a few tourists from that same country. This is a brilliant way to make new friends and to find out things about the place you are staying in. If you go with children then they can also enjoy meeting other kids of their own age from the country they are in.

2. Explore a Wider Area

[Also see our travel article “Five Reasons Barcelona is Good for a Family Camping Holiday“]

Before we go on holiday each year most of us have a lot of good intentions about seeing the local sights, going to the parks and basically seeing as much of the place as we can. After all, it might be the only time in our life that we are there. However, on hotel breaks it can be tempting to waste a lot of time watching television or just sitting around. Matters get even worse if you are in an all inclusive hotel or resort and have to head back there at every meal time if you don’t want to end up paying out twice for each meal you eat. When you go camping you have everything in your favour in terms of exploring a wide area in a relaxed way so you should make the most of it and go out walking or cycling and discover what is around you.

A campground in the French Alps with a mix of tents and mobile homes for rent.

3. Buy the Food Locally

The food is a hugely important factor in any family holiday. This is often one of the most memorable features of the trip, whether for the right reasons or the wrong ones. You certainly don’t want to be stuck in a hotel with poor quality food but isn’t it almost as bad if you eat the same sort of thing you do back home?

Many of the hotel buffets which are designed for their international guests are bland affairs or simply too boring because they lack local flavor. When you go camping you can choose to eat in restaurants and cafes but you could also choose to cook some meals. This means that you can add an extra element to the holiday by shopping for local produce and then cooking something traditional. You could make a head start by looking up some recipes from the area before you go and maybe even practicing one or two of them.

Farmers Markets are great places to learn about the local cuisine and buy locally sourced produce.

4. See Traditional Events

Another interesting thing you can do when you go on a trip to a campsite is see some of the local festivals and events. To do this right it makes sense to check out what is on in the area you plan to go to. Cheese fairs, strawberry festivals, garden festivals and art events are just some of the things which take place near Keycamp sites in France. You will find other fantastic, traditional events across the rest of the continent too.

How to Book Cheap Flight Fares

As air travel has become more commonplace, airlines are no longer struggling to fill seats on their airplanes, and cheaper fares are harder to come by. Because airlines changes their prices so regularly, the cost of tickets on the same flight can be dramatically different. Everyone has their own ideas about when and how to shop for the cheapest airfares. Some people swear that fares are cheapest on Tuesdays, while others suggest searching nearby airports for better deals. In the end, patience and persistence may be the best tools you can use to find a good deal on airfare.


  1. Compare prices on discount travel sites and on airline sites three to four months before your trip. Keep in mind that some airlines don’t do business with the discount sites, and you can often find the best deal on the airline’s site. You can also set up fare alerts that will email you when fares are offered within your price range.
  2. Compare prices for the destinations that you are considering. If you are flexible in terms of your destination, you may be able to find a very affordable fare.
  3. Be flexible on your dates for even greater savings. Most sites allow you to look at fares for an entire month to see which dates have the cheapest airfares. Changing the length of your trip by a day or two may be the key to saving money on your flights.
  4. Purchase non-refundable tickets, as they are usually the cheapest. Only buy refundable tickets if you think that your vacation may be canceled.
  5. Check for package deals for even greater savings on airline tickets, hotels and car rentals. Package deals may help you to get lower rates for airfare, transportation, lodging, and activities at your destination.

How to Travel With Crematory Remains

Planning to travel with cremated remains requires planning and a knowledge of state and aviation laws prior to your trip. It is a good idea to allow your crematory or local funeral home assist with the transport, or at least make them aware of the necessary trip with the remains. Cremated remains normally weigh about nine pounds, although they can be reduced to complete ashes upon request. Knowing the weight of the remains is a consideration when choosing how you will travel with or independently transport the human remains.

Traveling With Remains

  1. A cremation certificate is necessary to transport cremated remains. You will receive this receipt, or certificate with the cremated remains. This certificate identifies the remains to people in the course of your chosen method of travel. Even if you are traveling by car within one state, across state lines or internationally with the remains, you must have identifying paperwork.
  2. A cardboard box will be necessary to transport the remains to a final resting place where they can be placed in a permanent urn or scattered. If you are traveling by air, the Transportation Safety Agency requires cremated human remains be regarded as carry on luggage. Cremated remains may not be checked through as regular baggage. The cremated remains should be transported in a temporary plastic or cardboard container that will pass through screening procedures. Most airlines will not permit metal or stone urns unless they are transported separate from the remains. You should contact your airline carrier for regulations concerning the transport of human remains.
  3. A second outer container is required by the U.S. Postal Service if you choose this type of transport. The durable container must be sealed with the original container inside. Remains must be transported by registered mail with return receipt only. Remains will not be sent overnight or by regular mail. A copy of the cremation certificate form must also be enclosed. Your crematory may have the proper containers specifically designed to ship human remains, so you will want to tell them your travel plans prior to cremation. Many crematories will package the remains properly according to your mode of travel. When you arrive at your destination you may want a funeral home to assist in placing the remains in your chosen urn.

Get Paid to Travel – Five Careers in Travel That Pay


Need to get paid to travel? There are many professions in travel that are compensating, as well as pay well.

Some of these open doors include finding a salaried or time-based compensation paying employment, such as turning into a voyaging attendant, a carrier lady or pilot, a voyaging culinary specialist, a journey ship laborer, yacht team part, a back rub advisor or friendliness specialist at a resort.

There are a few other travel vocations that are anything but difficult to enter, let you go wherever you if you don’t mind profit as you go, and even acquire sovereignties for a considerable length of time from the work you do today.

That, as well as you have the decision whether you need to make this your full-time occupation, or just low maintenance travel work, when you have room schedule-wise and craving to see the world, and profit doing it.

Get Paid to Travel Career #1: Lead Tours for Fun and Profit

Do you have an interest like yoga, wine sampling, cooking (or basically eating), written work verse, painting, espresso, craftsmanship history, or snorkeling? On the off chance that you have a leisure activity, a scholarly intrigue, or specific mastery, you can discover individuals with comparative interests to pay you to bring them on excursions with you.

A Unified Theory of Time Travel


Albert Einstein’s hypothesis of general relativity proposes that time travel to the past is conceivable by means of pivoting wormholes and/or dark openings. The genuine specialized reasonableness of really doing such adventures need not concern us since this exposition is in the domain of the idea test. Presently Stephen Hawking says time travel to the past is unrealistic on the grounds that he recommends that there is such a mind-bending concept as a yet unfamiliar Chronology Protection Conjecture that keeps this and hence makes the world safe for history specialists. I’ve thought of a bound together hypothesis of time travel into the past that fuses Einstein’s general hypothesis of relativity; Hawking’s Chronology Protection Conjecture, alongside other arranged bits like parallel universes that are tossed in with the general mish-mash.

Time travel is a staple in science fiction stories, books, movies and TV arrangement. Also, time travel is conceivable – in principle. We as a whole think about traveling to the future which we do at the rate of one second for every second in any case. Aside from that, in the event that one goes at near light speeds in respect to your place of inception then you can go to the removed future (concerning that spot of starting point) without maturing an equal number of years (the twin conundrum). Go to the past is obviously permitted as well, by means of the strange material science inborn in pivoting worm gaps and perhaps Black Holes which is the place Einstein’s general hypothesis of relativity becomes possibly the most important factor. The issue there is that relativity hypothesis predicts worm gaps, in the event that they exist by any stretch of the imagination, will exist for nanoseconds and be extremely little to boot, and in this manner not exceptionally helpful within a reasonable time-frame for the motivations behind time travel. Since we don’t know precisely what within a Black Hole is, and where it leads, assuming anyplace, current deduction proposes that hopping into Black Holes are a more valuable means for conferring suicide than for venturing out to the past, yet the jury is still out on that one.

Anyway, the fun bit about time travel is the different oddities that emerge, the most renowned one being the granddad oddity. That is, imagine a scenario in which you go back in time and kill your granddad before he sired your dad (or mom. In the event that you did that it implies that you would never have been conceived, yet in the event that you were never conceived you couldn’t do a reversal so as to execute your progenitor. This is the kind of stuff science fiction creators (and thinkers) love – same physicists! My most loved time travel mystery however is the one where you get something to no end. Let’s assume you have this release of “Villa”, and you need Shakespeare to signature it. So back you go so as to Shakespeare’s time. You thump on his entryway, however the maid says he’s out for the day yet in the event that you leave the book he’ll signature it and you can stop by and gather it next morning. At the point when Shakespeare gets back home, he sees the book, understands it, and is so awed he spends the night making a duplicate. You return the following morning, gather your now signed version of “Villa”, and come back to the present day with your now extremely significant book. The inquiry now gets to be, the place did the first “Village” originate from? You didn’t compose it; however Shakespeare didn’t either as he counterfeited your duplicate which he then passed it off as his own particular work.

Mexico Travel Tips – Via Pesos


Utilize Little Money in Mexico

Through Pesos generally signifies “by pesos” in Spanish. This suggests how the voyager or explorer in Mexico can get by on pesos – truly getting by with next to no cash. In the event that one wishes to visit Mexico on a little spending plan, it has been appeared as could be expected under the circumstances to do as such. An extraordinary reference travel book on the point is the 2007 content via Carl Franz and Lorena Havens (The People’s Guide to Mexico, Avalon Travel). Above all else, it is normally a smart thought to visit Mexico with next to zero money. It is recommended that the voyager convey just explorer’s checks and Mastercards. This can be a security issue and more security issues will take after beneath. Likewise, getting by on as meager as would be prudent will help one mix in additional with the nearby individuals/s.

Clothing and Water

It is conceivable while exploring and going in Mexico (or most sub-tropical zones so far as that is concerned) to get by with not very many changes of garments. This likewise suggests a lessened requirement for clothing and different administrations. In any case, clothing changes and washings will get to be vital on the off chance that one expends the water in any structure in specific ranges of Mexico. This gets to be evident to the explorer who has encountered the delights of ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ and/or ‘Hiker’s Diarrhea’. Genuine thought should be given to treatment of neighborhood water before devouring. Indeed, even Halazone tablets may not be 100% viable. Heat up your pot and drinking water if conceivable. Something else, the voyager will utilize more clothing and clothing than expected.

Step by step instructions to Get Around and With Whom

Unless one is going as a gathering, there are approaches to discover different people with whom to knapsack and go to Mexico. One site (Hobo Traveler) offers tips and a message board on making a spending excursion to Mexico. One may wish to pursuit “Exploring in Mexico” while advance arranging. The site is present and will offer messages from numerous potential voyaging partners from around the globe. Different destinations and even web journals will offer testimonials (autonomous of Mexican government locales) applauding the ease parts of go to the nation.

It has been specified somewhere else (see Franz and Havens) that there are numerous approaches to get around when in nation. Some of these ways may incorporate going by RV Caravan or outdoors in a rental vehicle. Shockingly better, no doubt, is to chase after a troop in one’s rental vehicle. One may then appreciate the upsides of really minimal effort travel and outdoors while having the assistance and security of kindred voyager’s adjacent. However, this is not generally helpful on the off chance that one has one’s own particular schedule and rundown of destinations. The decision has a place with the voyager.

What to Pack for Travelling


This is what I consider to be essential items for any traveler/backpacker. These are items which I have used in my past travels, and have served me well.


The first most obvious thing for any traveler to decide on is whether to use a backpack or a suitcase. During my first solo travel experience to Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan, I travelled with a backpack. For under 50 I bought a Eurohike 55 litre backpack with a rain cover, which came in handy during the monsoon season! The pack was top-opening, and didn’t really offer much by way of security. I therefore bought a special backpack transit case which I put my backpack into and made it secure from theft, but also made it secure from airport conveyor belts. I had heard that the conveyors in airports sometimes broke clips from backpacks if they were not properly secured, and that some airlines didn’t even want to have backpacks on their airplanes because they were a safety threat. I actually lost the backpack case during the course of my travels, and had to resort to wrapping my backpack in black bin bags and tape in order to prevent the clips from catching airport conveyors. The backpack was comfortable, with some very nice cushioned padding. However, I realized as my trip went on that the pack was a little too large. I had read on many different websites that the smaller and lighter your pack, the more comfortable your trip will be. This is so true. It is not just about how light the pack is for you to carry, but also practical reasons like travelling on packed trains and subways with a giant wardrobe on your back. The backpack was incredibly annoying whilst travelling on busy subways, as I didn’t know if, and how badly, I was bumping into people – but I am sure that I definitely was! However, it was great to have my hands free when I needed to pay for tickets and also carry bags and water bottles.


On my second trip to Japan, I decided to ditch the backpack and travel with a medium sized suitcase. I was travelling for 3 weeks, and had planned to move around the country quite a bit. I was worried about the condition of the suitcase’s wheels by the end of the trip, but altogether I preferred the comfort of a nice suitcase. The suitcase takes up the use of your arms, but it does relieve your back. I found time and again that my backpack was becoming too heavy and cumbersome for longer walks; a suitcase, meanwhile, makes walking a pleasure. Trying to find your hotel in the humid and busy conditions of Bangkok with your gigantic backpack is not a pleasant experience. Though, going up stairs is a pain with a suitcase, but with a backpack it is a breeze. This may be important to you as it is best to travel around a Japanese city (and many other Asian cities) via the subway system, and sometimes they have enormous staircases leading to the platforms. The final clincher is that a suitcase makes you look more businesslike and professional; a backpack makes you easily identifiable as a traveler or tourist, and makes you stand out far more. If I entered a nice hotel with my backpack, I wouldn’t be given the same service as if I travelled with a suitcase. I believe that backpackers have a bit of a bad name in some countries, as backpackers tend to be younger people who are more prone to loutish behavior due to letting of some steam after finishing university.


You don’t want to take your suitcase or backpack with you on your daily walks or excursions, so you need a nice convenient daypack. I actually took a shoulder bag, as it looked more stylish than a small backpack. But be warned, a shoulder bag can give you some irritating neck and shoulder pains if you over pack it with large water bottles or souvenirs. In this instance, a nice mini backpack is better as it transfers the weight evenly on your back and shoulders.

Travel Insurance

I always take out travel insurance as you never know what could happen during your trip. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Medical help abroad could cost you thousands if you do not have the correct insurance, so always read the insurance policy properly. When I search for insurance I always turn to comparison sites, such as This way you can compare all the different companies offering insurance and their relative policies.

Uganda: The Essential Bucket List for 2016

Uganda is steadily becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations of east Africa. From the snowy Rwenzori Mountains to the idyllic Lake Victoria, this country is diverse and utterly delightful. Here are the top five things to see and do on your trip.

The Essential Bucket List for 2016

Image Credit

Go on Safari

No trip to east Africa would be complete without a safari trip, but Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park is something special. While there, look out for tree-climbing lions and let the beauty of the remote plains wash over you as you look out for the ninety-six species of mammals and over six hundred species of birds!

Get Up into the Mountains

There are ten national parks in Uganda, but Rwenzori is the most popular because of its stunning mountain range. As the highest in Africa, many tourists choose to trek along the peaks. Keep your eyes peeled for the Angola colobus monkeys! Visit Uganda have some great tips on safe trekking.

Push Out the Boat

For thrill-seekers, the river White Nile is heaven. Ride the rapids between Jinja and Bujagali in kayaks or rafts and see an incredible mix of wildlife, including crocodiles. This is not for faint hearted!

Among the Trees

Budongo Forest Reserve has the honour of being the biggest mahogany forest in east Africa, alongside around four hundred and sixty-five other plant species. This is the perfect place for horticulture enthusiasts to experience the true geography of Uganda, and a whole host of animals along the way! Find out more at holiday sites such as

Bobbing Along on the Lake

While Uganda is technically land locked with no seacoasts, it does benefit from several beautiful lakes. Lake Bunyoni is a stunning area peppered with small and wonderful islands. You’ll find a selection of idyllic beaches perfect for relaxing and a whole range of sites of historical interest.

Monkeying Around

As well as doing Uganda gorilla trekking, many visitors go to this country for the chimpanzees. Head to Kibale National Park to take a guided trek through the forest and spot these gorgeous creatures. The tour guides at Kibale also offer nighttime tours for more adventurous travelers. It’s fascinating to see the nocturnal creatures that crawl out of the woodwork!

Add these tips to your bucket list this year for a truly memorable holiday in beautiful Uganda.

Benefits Of Planning Your Travel Properly

Traveling is one of the best ways to relax and explore the beauty of world. The only thing that is not perfect about travelling is the money which is required to travel. But there are many ways by which you can make your travel less expensive and efficient. The most important thing that needs to be done is plan properly. Good planning will ensure that you are left with some of the cheapest ways to travel. There are many benefits of travelling here are some of them.

  1. Enhances Your Social aptitudes

Meeting new individuals with Low cost flights to Tel Aviv is one of the colossal upsides of voyaging. Whether it’s visiting up your flat mate, making casual conversation with your seat-mate on a train or having an exuberant discourse at a nearby bar, you will be compelled to enhance your social aptitudes (particularly in case you’re voyaging solo). On the off chance that new circumstances tend to make you restless, voyaging is a certain approach to step toward decreasing that uneasiness. Travel can also make sure that you get the best in class social aptitude for yourself.

  1. Decreases Stress

Requiring significant Low cost flights to Tel Aviv off is an undeniable approach to energize and diminish stress levels. Be that as it may, while staying home and resting is a commendable utilization of your time off, voyaging expels you from your regular life and lets you really escape. Voyaging gives you a chance to set aside your day by day obligations and spotlight on yourself for a minute. When you return home you’ll feel revived and have the inspiration you felt depleted of before you cleared out. Travel will also make that all your stress will disappear which will make sure that you are all set for your next routine.

  1. Performs Goals

Having a go schedule and check things off that rundown keeps you persuaded and positive. That rundown can incorporate things like going by specific areas or achieving something, for example, climbing a mountain or getting to be conversational in the dialect of your next destination. Accomplishing those objectives likewise expands certainty and gives a feeling of achievement.

  1. Makes You More Flexible

Now and again things don’t work out as expected while voyaging. Perhaps your flight is wiped out or it rains the day you’re planned to go on an epic open air experience. It’s alright – there are different flights to take (or prepares, or transports) and perhaps on that stormy day you’ll find a shrouded book shop to investigate or a lovable bistro to encounter. Making a trip helps you to be more adaptable and receptive, making you more zen in your regular life.

  1. Educates To Be More Patient

Travel can include a great deal of holding up. You’ll hold up in lines, for flights or at eateries. Figuring out how to adapt to those holds up, how to make discussion with those you’re holding up with and how to stay quiet in frustratingly moderate circumstances will show you how to stay patient and quiet in all circumstances.

Kas Antalya blue cruise – Exploration of the Turkish magic

7The exotic and beautiful country of Turkey attracts the attention and the interest of global tourists and they visit the place in huge volumes every day.  This point of transit between Asia & Europe, would welcome you a rich portfolio of historical evidences, breath-stopping scenic beauty and multifarious sources of amusements and entertainment. In short, the place offers comprehensive “package”, covering aspects from various dimensions that would surely make your vacation enjoyable and pleasant.

The Turkish blue cruise services

Since tourism is one of the major sectors of revenue earning at Turkey, the country had envisaged prominent arrangements for the entertainment and amusement of the tourists who pays a visit. One out of these arrangements is the cruising services that connect between the major tourist spots of the country. These cruises are not merely the vehicle of connectivity but these are full fledged torturing programs that can enable you to experience the diversified attributes of the country. The blue cruise operators offer several touring options of which the Kas Antalya blue cruiseservice is a name worth of giving a special mention. This amusement voyage, sailing from the harbor of Kas with a schedule of there nights & two days, is a short tour options that would handhold you to discover the costal lines and the pictorial vicinity, along with the options to delve into extremes of water adventures like paragliding. This tour is the perfect choice if your major interest lies upon the exploration of the nature and to ensure the ultimate of relaxation and amusements, the touring program also covers up arrays of aquatic entertainment, chances to shoot some best snaps of lifetimeand chances to spend few days in the companies of co-voyager who are the residents of several countries and thus you get a chance to interface multiple cultures too.

The tour itinerary

Availing the Kas Cruises, you will sail for Fethiye, moving through points like the island of St. Nicholas and the butterfly valley the beach of Oludeniz. Kas itself is a fishing village where you can get into activities like swimming, diving or if you want some shopping, there are multiples of shopping malls.  In between your course of journey, you will experience some swiping scenic landscapes, chances to experiment on adventurous sports like paragliding and of course when you reach the harbors interim times, you would be able to taste the lives on the lands, wherein you experience a prominent blending of Asian & European life styles. Ultimately, when you reach to the terminal harbor at Fethiye, you get a chance to experience the striking and colorful nightlife that will make your experience complete. This touring program swings in a gullet wherein all the facilities and the amenities are provisioned to make your stay comfortable. The hospitality of the services will definitely impress you and make you feel great. This touring along the pristine costal lines, will give you one of the bets vacation you would have ever in your lifetime.

The cruise touring is one of the prominent sources of entertainment and amusement that attracts the tourists here. Many tourists are come here to enjoy the beauty. Therefore, once you finalize your trip to Turkey, ensure that you book your reservations in advance. The booking can be made over the online platform.  Do remember that across various blocks of the year, the charges for the services vary in between them and thus you consider the payables for the specific time that you had scheduled for your visit. You can be assured that this input of money and efforts will come back to you with manifold returns.

Things to Do In San Diego Waters

San Diego is an absolute gorgeous city with so much to offer to everyone who lives there or anyone who visits. Among the various attractions in the area though, the nearby waters are certainly a good place to start. In fact, one could easily find himself spending an entire week vacation just checking out the various water adventures that are in store. From whale watching in San Diego, sailing tours, and just paying a visit to the beach, there is really something for everyone.

Enjoy a Day at the Beach

One of the simplest things you might look to do while in this beautiful city is to just take some time to enjoy the beach. Get yourself a nice big picnic blanket, grab a towel, and fill that cooler up with some drinks and snacks. San Diego has some great beaches to explore and whether you just lay out on the shore soaking in the rays or you go get your feet wet, you could easily spend a day just lounging around. While you’re at it, you might check out one of the area’s restaurants and have a nice meal.

Make It More Adventurous

Of course, when you get tired of just sitting around the beach, you can always look for something more adventurous. Since you are right there on the water, you might consider checking out one of the local Jet Ski rentals and going out on the open waves. Or, you might even go a bit further out there and try some parasailing or water skiing. Whatever the case may be, getting out on that ocean can be exciting.

San Diego Sailing Tours

Instead of really putting yourself out there though, you might want to try something that is a bit more secure. There are some great San Diego sailing tours being offered by experienced ship captains in the area. This can allow you to do something you might never have done before and explore the waterways around the city. You might even opt for a sunset cruise, which can be quite enjoyable. Just keep in mind, if you happen to get seasick or you are worried about this, look for a captain that pilots a catamaran rather than a monohaul. In case you don’t know what this means, basically a catamaran is a wider, more stable boat, which means less movement out on the sea. Next, you might even consider whale watching in San Diego.

Go Whale Watching In San Diego

After you have done your regular San Diego sailing tours, the next thing you might be interested in is doing some whale watching. There are some great opportunities to see whales around the city and the best ship captains know exactly where to take you for the best showing. You can spend a few hours out on the open waters and most of the time you will find that you’ll get closer than you ever imagined to these giant mammals.

At the end of the day, whale watching in San Diego can be a very fulfilling experience but so can any of these other water adventures.

The New Face of Modern India in Travel & Tour


Today, India can possibly turn into the Global Super Power. Presently, India is the second quickest developing economy on the planet after China with the development rate 8.5%, and by 2013 we will beat China and will be on the first Position. India is regionally a vast nation, geologically a landmass with a deliberately commanding perspective of three noteworthy oceans which could conceivably give a premise to control ship activity from the Indian Ocean to Pacific Ocean by putting toll doors at the Malacca Straits, a long proceeding with human progress (more than ten thousand years), an extensive and youthful population(average age of 29 years when contrasted with of China of 38 years, and Japan of 47 years)- which is termed as Demographic Dividend, and as demonstrated innovators of bleeding edge experimental disclosures in science, cosmology, surgery and as of late in brilliant IT programming. At present India has exhibited creative limit in Chip plan, Thorium reactors, Biotech, and pharmaceuticals.

Travel and Tour is additionally the quickest developing industry in India. India tourism is bit by bit expanding each consummation year. These days, Indian individuals are voyaging all around the globe. The method for going by Indians is somewhat diverse, favoring the extravagance travel and visit.

Coordinators of the late Travel and Tourism Fair (TTF) in Ahmedabad led an overview among Gujarat participants, and results demonstrated a critical number of Indian vacationers incline toward extravagance travel and lodging.

TTF observed that 33% of those overviewed had a normal travel spending plan of Rs 80,000 as reported by the Times of India. Outside tourism offices in participation have paid heed to this pattern and are putting forth more alternatives for Indian voyagers looking for upscale open doors.

“Switzerland gives voyagers a choice of staying together in completely outfitted homes or chalet with a kitchen where one can cook one’s own dinners,” Swiss travel operator Puneet Sehgal told the news source. Sehgal likewise noticed that no less than 400 Indians pick Switzerland for gathering excursions every year.

Features Of An Ideal Cruising Service

A cruise ship or cruise liner is a passenger ship used for pleasure voyages, where the voyage itself and the ship’s amenities are a part of the experience, as well as the different destinations along the way. Cruise ships are organized much like floating hotels, with a complete hospitality staff in addition to the usual ships. Cruising can be one of the most romantic vacation options with the ambience and décor of the cruise ship giving an ecstatic feeling to the passengers. First-class, personalized service is just one of the hallmarks of ideal cruise lines. One can expect exotic itineraries, varying degrees of services in pricing, fine wines and gourmet cuisine. That being the case, one might think any old luxury cruise ship will do, but that is not quite true. Like people, cruise ships have their own unique personalities, and passengers should be able to choose according to their taste and requirements. Some offer spacious suites, smaller cruise ships can stealthily visit ports that large ships cannot. Some provide vacation experience, while some draws travellers with a more independent streak. Thus passengers should carefully choose their cruise ships for that breathtaking experience.

Ideal Cruise Ships Have The Following Features:

  • Passengers are greeted with a warm welcome by the courteous crew staff, the moment they step aboard. The crew staff is always at their beck and call to give them that out of the world experience..
  • Dining on almost all cruise ships is included in the cruise price. The ships’ specialty restaurants are remarkable. They have myriad, upscale options like steak and seafood restaurant with an open grill,  fine dining multi-cuisine restaurants, one of a kind Italian eatery. For a more casual option, wine and sushi bar could be very pleasing to the palate!
  • Besides the dining room, modern cruise ships often contain one or more casual buffet-style eateries, which may be open 24 hours and with menus that vary throughout the day to provide meals ranging from breakfast to late-night snacks.
  • Casino ,fitness center, gym, club, lounges, shops, library etc top cater to the various requirements of the passengers.
  • Theatre with Broadway-style shows
  • Indoor and/or outdoor swimming pool with water slides, basket ball courts, pool tables, ping pong tables, bowling alleys, tennis courts
  • Ships also feature numerous bars and nightclubs for passenger entertainment; .
  • Butler service is offered by ideal cruise ships who handle everything from dry-cleaning and unpacking to daily delivery of canapés and making reservations for the spa.
  • Cruise ships take several different approaches to their onboard spas. Spa services with outstanding high-tech cardio machines and creative spa treatments inspired by an array of Eastern traditions are provided..

Thus to sum up, cruise ships in today’s world of cut-throat competition, offer a variety of luxurious amenities to please their passengers. As a result, Choosing the right cruise line and, even more specifically, the right ship within the fleet, can be a big challenge. So, passengers should wisely choose the Cruise Transfer Services so that they can enjoy an enchanting experience of a lifetime.

Why People Absolutely Love California

Known as the Golden State, California is home to some of the very best culinary experiences, culture and entertainment. It is a location filled with lots of fun activities and attractions guaranteed to interest you. Below we will take a look at some of the reasons that California should be high on your list of places to visit. You will love California!


Sets of surf along the Southern California Coast.

Sets of surf along the Southern California Coast.


Transport is easy to find

Regardless of where you first arrive, connecting to other parts of California is as easy as finding a warm sea breeze in California. Most capital cities of the world have daily flights to the state too.

It is the home of adventure

California is the place to be if you love your outdoor escapades.  You can enjoy climbing Mount Whitney, biking through the red sand of the Joshua Tree National Park, hiking through the amazing Yosemite National Park or even Urban Kayaking.  Do you want to soak up some beautiful alpine scenery? Head to Lake Tahoe. There are really no limits to the adventures to be had here.

A word of warning- Travelling to California, or indeed any part of the US, as a citizen of a country covered under the Visa Waiver Programme requires that you have an ESTA document. Fill out yours as you plan your trip! Otherwise you adventure might be cut short at the departing airport.

It is the home of arts and culture

Art and culture are two things that comes to mind when the topic is California, and for good reason too.  It is a place known for creativity, so little wonder that it is overflowing with the very best in music, food, art and design. Downtown Los Angeles is the centre of it, and Gallery Row is the best place to go for a great mix of culinary hotspots, lofts, bars, art galleries and studios. If you have the time visit San Francisco and stop by The Mission. This is an iconic neighbourhood that is associated with a lot of intrigue, ranging from the oldest building in the state to early punk bands and street art.

You can’t find as much entertainment anywhere else

Hollywood grabs all the attention when the topic is entertainment in California, but the glitz and glamour goes well beyond the movie sets. Hollywood’s desert oasis, Palm Springs, is a little further to the east and a good option if you are looking for somewhere to go to relax with celebrities escaping the hustle and bustle of showbiz.

The culinary experiences are top notch

South California is known for the fresh produce and fusion of tastes. It is therefore a place to be if you are looking for world-class culinary delights.  Santa Monica is the best locale in this regard, as its innovative restaurants and chefs put together some of the most sumptuous meals you will ever taste. There are no limits or boundaries in California; from high quality vegan dishes to spicy Mexican delicacies.



Nassau Paradise Island Offers Family Fun this Summer

Nassau Paradise Island, Bahamas announces a summer of deals and events for families, including the extension of its popular $250 Instant Savings Promotion.

Travelers planning to visit throughout 2015 can now book an air-inclusive minimum four-night stay at any of Nassau Paradise Island’s participating hotels by June 1, 2015 and save $250 instantly. Travel can take place now through Dec. 18, 2015.* In addition to the Instant Savings extension, the destination’s hotels are offering summer promotions and programming perfect for families.

Atlantis, Paradise Island

Known for its expansive Aquaventure waterpark, Atlantis, Paradise Island welcomes Cartoon Network for its fifth consecutive summer of fun at the resort. From June 19 – Aug. 22, attractions include the Cartoon Network Lagoon, a 9,000-square-foot inflatable obstacle course in Paradise Lagoon; the NERF SUPER SOAKER Flood Zone, an interactive maze built for NERF SUPER SOAKER battles; Cartoon Network character parades; Cartoon Network show screenings and more. Throughout the summer, Atlantis will also offer an all-access Atlantis Kids Experience Pass. The pass, a $150 value, includes one admission for CRUSH or Club Rush, one Climber’s Rush session, one Atlantis Kids Adventure session, one Atlantis PALS stuffed toy and one rented car session at Atlantis Speedway. One pass is offered per room, per stay and is available through June 30 for travel June 1 – Sept. 8.

Meliá Nassau Beach

At the all-inclusive Meliá Nassau Beach, guests can save with an advanced booking rate offer. Guests who book a minimum two-night stay at least 10 days in advance of their visit save 15 percent on their trip. Travel must be completed by Dec. 22, 2015. Located on the stunning Cable Beach, the family-friendly hotel is close to all of Nassau’s best shops, restaurants and night spots.

>Graycliff Hotel

Graycliff Hotel, nestled in the heart of downtown Nassau, also offers an advanced-booking discount this summer. Guests who book travel by June 30 will save 15 percent on their stay. Travel must be completed by Dec. 20, 2015. Graycliff Hotel is housed in a colonial mansion that dates back to the 18th Century and features the first five-star restaurant in the Caribbean, plus one of the largest private wine collections in the world.

For more on Nassau Paradise Island and its properties, visit

Family Fun Golf Tournament in Myrtle Beach, August 20-23

Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts (MBSR) – operator of the area’s premier oceanfront condo-hotel and vacation rental properties – announces registration is now open for the inaugural “Myrtle Beach Family Fun Golf Tournament,” August 20-23.

MBSR and partner Mystical Golf will welcome two-person teams (parent / child and grandparent / child pairings) to the Grand Strand. Groups will be flighted based on age and gender with children 18 and under invited to participate. The value-packed event, ideal for a memorable summer family vacation in Myrtle Beach, starts at $995 (per team).

“With schools getting out for the summer and vacation plans being made, we’ve seen registrations take off in recent weeks,” says Jim Eggen, General Manager of MBSR. “With our unmatched accommodations, Mystical Golf’s beautiful courses and the area’s many entertainment options, we’re looking forward to hosting teams from all over the country.”

The $995 per team rate includes:

– Three nights’ lodging (Aug. 20-23) at the oceanfront Grande Shores (two queen beds)
– Two tournament rounds on the acclaimed Wizard and Man-O-War courses (Aug. 21-22)
– Welcome reception at Grande Shores (Aug. 20)
– Daily breakfast and lunch
– Two tickets to the Alabama Theater’s “One Show” (Aug. 21)
– Dinner for two at Logan’s Steakhouse (Aug. 22)
– Golf skills challenge and demonstrations on tournament days
– Gift bag for each participant
– Prizes awarded to event winners

The Wizard ClubhouseThe Wizard Clubhouse

Practice rounds are available on Aug. 20 for cart fee only. Non-competing family members may be added for $160 (per person) which includes lodging at Grande Shores, welcome reception, daily breakfast, one ticket to Alabama Theater’s “One Show,” dinner at Logan’s Steakhouse, and all non-golf related activities at the courses.

To participate, call 855.420.8043 or visit All entries must be in by Aug. 7.

The Grand Strand features 100-plus golf courses and myriad family-friendly venues including The Alabama Theater, The House of Blues, Broadway at the Beach, seafood hotspots in Murrells Inlet, and 60-plus miles of sweeping Atlantic Coast oceanfront. For baseball fans, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans – a Class A advanced affiliate of the Texas Rangers – play at one of the great stadiums in the minor leagues.

For Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts information:, 888.571.4104.

Fun-Filled Family Experiences at Belmond’s Italian Resorts

Belmond has launched a series of fun-packed family experiences at its hotels in Venice, Portofino, Florence, Ravello, and Sicily.

These family-friendly luxury hotels offer an array of kids’ facilities such as special restaurant menus, children’s spa treatments and in-room bathrobes and slippers. Family experiences on offer include:

Venetian Treasure Hunt at Belmond Hotel Cipriani

Positioned beside the lagoon on the tip of Giudecca Island, Belmond Hotel Cipriani is a true Venetian legend famous for its exquisite interiors and incredible cuisine. The iconic hotel’s younger guests have use of a dedicated kids’ pool, while at the fun-packed Smile Club an English-speaking tutor leads activities such as picnics and pastry lessons.

And the fun doesn’t stop there – beyond the hotel, children can become mini sleuths on a treasure hunt around Venice, tracking down hidden clues in St Mark’s Square before embarking on a gondola ride. Budding artists, meanwhile, can paint a typical Venetian boatyard before learning how the vessels are built followed by an ice-cream along the Fondamenta delle Zattere waterfront; or decorate a traditional Venetian mask before wearing it on a guided tour around the city, learning the history and secrets of the Carnival of Venice.

Private Aquarium Experience at Belmond Hotel Splendido

Set overlooking the picture-perfect harbour of Portofino with its luxury yachts bobbing at anchor, Belmond Hotel Splendido is one of Italy’s most glamorous retreats. The child-friendly luxury hotel offers a host of activities for little ones, from learning Italian to angling with a local fisherman. Other fun-filled diversions include children’s yoga sessions, tennis lessons and pizza-making classes.

For families seeking a truly unforgettable holiday experience, the hotel can arrange an exclusive after-hours evening visit to the Genoa Aquarium. Children can meet the resident dolphins with a marine biologist and enjoy a special behind-the-scenes tour before the family sits down to dinner before the shark tank; or feed the aquarium’s adorable penguins before enjoying brunch or dinner with the sharks or dolphins.

Belmond family fun

Underwater Photography at Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo and Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo sits adjacent to Taormina’s Greek Theatre in Sicily with unrivalled views of the coastline and Mount Etna, while sister hotel Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea is set on its own exclusive beach down in the beautiful Bay of Mazzarò.

Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea’s dedicated kids’ club is available to guests of both hotels, offering a range of fun-filled activities including sandcastle contests and fishing trips with a Sicilian fisherman. Children can also splash out with a supervised underwater photography session at both hotels. Water babies are provided with an underwater camera and goggles, allowing them to snap away as they play in the swimming pool. Children can then keep their underwater camera as a gift from the hotels.

Open-Air Cinema at Belmond Villa San Michele

Nestled on a hilltop amid lush trees and terraced gardens, Belmond Villa San Michele is a 15th-century national monument with unparalleled vistas of Florence. Parents can unwind over a poolside family barbecue, arrange fun days out with the hotel’s dedicated Kids’ Concierge and send the kids off for pizza-making demonstrations and picnics at the supervised Smile Club (open from mid-June until the end of August).

Families can embark on a photographic treasure hunt of Florence, listening for clues on a guided tour before racing to be the first destination to snap a picture of the site in question, before returning to Belmond Villa San Michele where kids can enjoy a weekly open-air cinema night complete with pizzas and popcorn. Parents wanting to jazz up their children’s mealtimes back home can even join a special workshop at the hotel’s acclaimed cookery school, where they will learn to create animal faces and enchanted scenes out of their ingredients.

Holiday Movie-Making at Belmond Hotel Caruso

A former 11th-century palace set on cliffs beside the Amalfi Coast, Belmond Hotel Caruso in Italy seems to drift on a ‘balcony’ above the Mediterranean Sea. Children staying at the hotel are kept occupied with a range of activities including local tennis lessons and pizza-making classes – and can even create a special holiday scrapbook.

For the ultimate keepsake, little ones can capture their holiday adventures on film by directing their own short movie. Led by a talented local film-maker, cameraman and sound engineer, children select the location and soundtrack, plan the scene and act it out for the camera before their film is edited in HD for the family to take home.

Based in the newly renovated club room, the hotel’s Smile Club offers activities including craftwork, face-painting and dancing. Children can also take pottery classes with the resident sculptor, book tennis coaching at the on-site championship courts and embark on a ramble with the hotel’s three donkeys, Pancho, Luna and Alba. Belmond La Residencia can also arrange a personalised underwater photographic portrait. Expert Carmelo Serra assists guests in diving underwater before producing a fine art photographic print.

Ashford Castle Invites Kids to Wizard School This Fall

We’re Off to be A Wizard…Ireland’s Five-Star Ashford Castle Invites Kids to Wizard School This Fall…

This Halloween and Thanksgiving, Ashford Castle in Western Ireland is welcoming families to Wizard School. The 13th-century castle, with its winding passageways, hidden alcoves and secret gardens, lures participants into the magical and mystical world of witchcraft and wizardry hidden within its walls.

A “Forbidden Forest” treasure hunt on the estate’s 350 acres, a visit to meet Dingle (Ashford Castle’s resident owl), painting in the “Chamber of Art,” a cookery class for “House Elves” and a special Wizard School dinner are all part of the two-night package. In the evening, a Harry Potter movie in the castle’s brand-new cinema – complete with jars of candy and popcorn – will be screened, while adults relax in the elegant George V Dining Room with a sumptuous five-course table d’hote menu.

The program is as follows:

Day 1 (October 23, 25 and 30, November 25):
Noon: Forbidden Forest Treasure Hunt for the family (unsupervised)
3pm: Visit the hiding place of Dingle the Owl (supervised)
4pm: Afternoon Chamber of Art (supervised)
5pm-6:30pm: Kids Dinner in Wizard School (supervised)
6:30pm-9pm: Harry Potter Movie Evening (supervised)
From 7pm: George V Table d’Hote Dinner for the adults

Day 2 (October 24, 26, 29 and 31, November 26):
Noon: Hidden Garden Treasure Hunt for the family (unsupervised)
3pm: ‘House Elves’ little helpers Cookery School (supervised)
4pm-5pm: Afternoon Chamber of Witchcraft & Wizardry (supervised)
5pm-6pm: Kids’ Dinner in Wizard School (supervised)
6:30pm-9pm: Harry Potter Movie Evening (supervised)
From 7pm: George V Table d’Hote Dinner for the adults

The two-night package is priced at $1,349 and includes accommodation in a Deluxe Family Room, breakfast and dinner and is based on two adults and two children (under 12 years of age) sharing the room. Complimentary estate activities include tennis, golf, billiards, self-guided walking tours and access to the solarium, steam room and indoor pool. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the castle.

For more information on the Wizard School pacakges at Ashford Castle, please visit

Create Your Own Family Movie at Belmond Hotel Caruso

Belmond Hotel Caruso is now offering a Create Your Own Movie activity for children and their families when holidaying on the Amalfi Coast. Led by a professional filmmaker, kids will learn how to plan a scene, act it out and capture it exactly as they imagined.

A treasure trove of children’s adventure the ‘Create Your Own Movie’ is intended to bring siblings together and allow them to build memories that will last a lifetime. Acting as both film directors and actors, the children are led to choose the narrative of their short movie, pick the soundtrack according to their tastes and to learn how to plan the scene, act it out and make sure they capture it just how they want it. Under the supervision of a professional filmmaker, the Hotel youngest guests become “literally” protagonists of their day and game.

This new trend goes along with a series of educational fun-packed and easy-going activities created for children to encourage them to have fun while learning and to keep them entertained while parents can relax and rejuvenate.

While the children are busy making their own movie, parents can rejuvenate at the Caruso Wellness Centre and enjoy face and body treatments, massages and special spa treatments. The Intensive Muscle Release Massage and Garden Massage are amongst favourites, along with the camomile massage and numerous oxygen revitalising facials.

Priced at €450 + VAT (22%), the offer includes a 3 hour tour, filming and editing in high definition and either 2 DVD copies, blu-ray versions or the movie on a USB, tailored for 2 kids. To book or for more information, please email visit

‘Soft Adventure’ Tours Attracting More Families Than Ever

Exciting-but-safe destinations like Costa Rica, the Galápagos Islands and Iceland, are attracting more families than ever.

This new demand is prompting many tour operators to develop family-friendly itineraries that combine excitement and adventure with comfort and security. The industry name for this booming market niche is “soft adventure.”

“Soft adventure” varies. It can be cycling in Italy, river rafting in Costa Rica, exploring a glacier in Greenland, or even playing cowboy on a Colorado dude ranch. The dollar’s strength against many currencies coupled with a growing desire to expose children to other cultures in an exciting way has made soft adventure the buzz word of 2015.

7 soft adventures perfect for families:

Galapagos Multisport – Perfect for athletic families and fit seniors, this itinerary allows you to explore the Galapagos the active way — hiking, kayaking, biking, and snorkeling. Paddle with sea lions, dolphins, turtles and bountiful birdlife. A truly unique alternative way to view this enchanted archipelago.

Italy Family Cycling TourCycle the scenic roads along the Adige and Etsch River Valley. Traverse the “Ciclopista del Sole” (bike path of the sun), and experience an awe-inspiring descent into Lake Garda. This cycling tour is perfect for adventurous families who want to explore Italy by bike in a leisurely and luxurious fashion.

Greenland Adventure – This photography-hiking adventure is a magnificent introduction to calving glaciers, fjords, hot springs, palatial icebergs, dogsledding, indigenous cultures, and arctic wildlife. Perfect for families who love taking photos, viewing wildlife and hiking.

Costa Rica Quest – Wildlife enthusiasts will be thrilled at the chance to tour Tortuguero National Park, one of the most important nesting sites for the green sea turtle. The adventure offers a thrilling whitewater rafting trip on the clear waters of the Sarapiqui River, and culminates with a visit to Arenal, Costa Rica’s most famous – and most active – volcano.

Colorado Dude Ranch – The High Lonesome Dude Ranch is the premier place to make memories that will last a lifetime. Fishing, equestrian activities, and culinary excellence creates the perfect setting to discover true western tradition and keep everyone in your family happy.

Vietnam Family Cycling – This family-friendly “Coastal Vietnam” cycling holiday is designed for both cyclists and their non-rider family members. Using two centrally located hotels in UNESCO World Heritage Sites Huế and Hội An, Ride & Seek guides will offer optional morning rides with the aim of being back at the hotel in time for lunch and traditional tourist activities, ranging from exploring historic sites and National Parks to lounging on the beautiful beaches of Hội An.

Russia’s Reindeer Adventure – Explore the remarkable Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia’s east coast. Highlights include helicoptering to UNESCO-listed Valley of the Geysers, visiting a camp of reindeer breeders, soaking in an extensive system of hot springs, and trekking Avacha volcano. This is perfect for families with adventurous teens.

Hotel Review: Studio M Hotel Singapore

The inner courtyard is where guests will find the pool and terrace.

Our Review:

Studio M is an all-suite hotel in the Robertson Quay area of Singapore. It’s a bit removed from the nearest MRT, so it’s a little out of the way for business travelers. But for those who don’t mind taking the bus or walking for a bit to get to their destination, Studio M is a great spot. It’s right on the river, a 15 minute walk from Clarke Quay, and there are a ton of cafes, restaurants and wine bars on Robertson Quay that are mostly frequented by locals. As for the hotel itself, its guest rooms have a cool multi-level loft design that make them feel very spacious. To some, this would be considered a fairly cheap hotel in Singapore and a steal. Another great thing about the hotels location is it right next to Alkaff Bridge (The Art Bridge), this beautiful piece of art adds a nice splash of color and distinctive architecture to the Singapore River.

The Verdict:

Whether it’s the outdoor pool in the sheltered courtyard, the huge loft-style guest rooms that come equipped with desks and sofas, or the local-favorite Robertson Quay locale, we just can’t get enough of the Studio M Hotel Singapore.

Our Rating:

The Details:

Studio M Hotel
Address: No. 3 Nanson Road, Singapore
Phone: +65 6808 8888
Rates: Start at SG$200 (US$157) per night

Resort Review: InterContinental Sanya

The private beach at the InterContinental Sanya.

Our Review:

The InterContinental Sanya is a relatively new entrant into the crowded Hainan resort market. While most of the international five-star resorts in Sanya are situated on the picturesque Yalong Bay, the InterContinental is all by itself on the Luhuitou Peninsula, about 15 minutes outside of Sanya City. This is a mixed blessing, as it makes it harder to get out and socialize, but it also offers a ton of privacy. The resort is entirely self contained with six restaurants, five swimming pools, a private beach and even its own microbrewery. The rooms are a highlight of the resort, as they’re big, offer ocean views, and come equipped with all of the desired amenities like WiFi, mood lighting and iPod docks.

[Also see our travel article “Sanya Travel Guide“]

The Verdict:

At times it feels like the staff outnumbers the guests at this resort, which is not a bad thing. Its large and uncrowded feel make it a great place for a romantic holiday, and though it’s hard to get out and explore from its secluded location, with five pools and seriously awesome guest suites, who would ever want to leave?

Our Rating:

The Details:

InterContinental Sanya
Address: No. 1 Zhouji Lu, Sanya
Phone: +86-898 88618888
Rates: Start at ¥1,400 (US$230) per night


Hostels: Not Just for Kids Anymore

Say the word “hostel” and chances are it immediately conjures up images of rowdy college students backpacking around Europe. And while hostels have certainly catered to students and younger travelers over the years — the concept of the hostel was actually founded by a German schoolteacher traveling with his students and in need of cheap accommodations — there’s a growing contingent of older travelers who recognize hostels as an affordable and comfortable option.

Hostels tend to be most plentiful in Europe, where there are fewer budget hotels and the average city hotel room can run several hundred Euros per night, but the idea is gaining popularity in the U.S. and other parts of the world. For the adventurous older traveler on a budget, staying in a hostel can be an ideal way to see the world and not break the bank.

A four-person dormitory room at Nest Hostel in Valencia.

Not All Hostels Are Created Equal

Some older travelers resist hosteling because they think that staying in such an accommodation means sleeping (barely) on a bunk bed in a room with strangers, fighting for bathroom time and dealing with curfews and a long list of restrictions. Even the low rates — some hostels charge less than $20 per night — aren’t enough to convince them.

What these travelers don’t realize is that hosteling has come a long way and for less than the cost of the average American budget hotel they can have clean, comfortable accommodations in some of the world’s greatest cities. Many hostels offer private or family rooms with their own baths, letting travelers get a good night’s sleep and wash in privacy. Some hostels even cater to older travelers, offering rooms and amenities more appealing to the experienced traveler on a budget. It’s not unusual to find hostels that offer cafes, gyms, saunas, Wi-Fi and other amenities. One hostel in Lisbon (click here for’s related offerings), for example, offers a free breakfast and a book exchange, while a hostel in London has its own movie theater.

So how does one find the right hostel? Research before the trip to get an idea of the options available. Several websites offer unbiased traveler reviews of individual hostels and by reading the reviews travelers can get an idea of what to expect in terms of the typical visitor, cleanliness and overall experience at the hostel. Pay close attention to themes in the reviews; one person complaining about the cleanliness of the facility or a party atmosphere doesn’t necessarily represent the hostel, but if several people complain about the noise there may be a problem. Look for notes about the location and other factors that could influence enjoyment of the hostel; if younger travelers note the building is located at the top of a steep and tiring hill, older traveler may not want to make that walk after a long day of sightseeing.

Making the Most of the Hostel Experience

One reason that hosteling is so appealing to travelers is that it affords the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all over the world. Hanging out in the common room or even just chatting with roommates introduces new perspectives — and it’s a great way to discover travel tips. So when staying in a hostel, try not to hide out in the room. Instead say hi to others staying at the hostel and try to make friends.

Before arriving at the hostel make arrangements to ensure an enjoyable stay. While reservations aren’t always necessary — another part of a hostel’s appeal — for private rooms it’s best to call ahead and reserve. Pay attention to the check-in times, though, as the hostel might give the room away to the next weary traveler who shows up. If a private room isnt available, request a bottom bunk and bring earplugs to ensure a good night’s sleep.

With low rates and plentiful amenities, hostels offer travelers of all ages the chance to see the world without the high costs of a hotel.

Independent Travel vs Group Tours

Visitors may be torn between traveling independently or traveling with a group tour the first time they visit a destination, and both options have their pros and cons.

Independent travel is ideal for travelers with an adventurous spirit and is good either solo or in small groups. It allows travelers to move at a slower pace and to better immerse themselves in the local culture. Groups with a unique taste in sights or activities should probably stick to independent travel, as no amount of tour customization can beat traveling solo with only time and a guidebook in hand.

In most countries, locals are glad to help independent travelers find their way.

Small group tours, however, have their own benefits. Firstly, they allow travelers to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. Because transportation is already organized and the groups are led by regional experts, group tours can be a great way to pack in a lot of sights in a narrow time frame. Another benefit to group tours is that they offer safety and security. The importance of this might seem inconsequential when planning a trip to Rome, but it can be quite important when considering a trip to destinations off of the beaten path.

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Let’s look at some examples. Say a traveler is considering a trip to Spain. One could go independently and spend two weeks lounging on the beaches of Barcelona and exploring the nearby cities of Valencia and Girona. It could be a lot of fun, getting to know the different tapas restaurants and discovering favorite bars and museums.

If that same traveler, however, wanted to take that two weeks and visit the top destinations in all of Spain, a group tour would probably be a better idea, as travel logistics are much more complicated when visiting a dozen cities. Sure, the traveler would only have superficial knowledge of any one destination at the end of their trip, but if the idea of going to Spain without visiting Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla and San Sebastian is unbearable, it is an option.

In another case, countries like India or Russia are perfect examples of destinations where it’s easier to travel with a group than independently, both for logistical and safety reasons.

How The Megarich Travel In Style

The next time that you’re waiting in the economy line at the airport, or pulling in at Howard Johnson for a night’s sleep, spare a thought for our less fortunate brethren who can’t experience the joys of traveling on a budget. Unlike most of us, the megarich have to put up with an intolerable amount of luxury, and have no opportunity to experience the character-building joys of modern vacation travel.

Let’s start with something relatively modest – the motorhome. While the average middle-class family might have a camper van or perhaps aspire to a Winnebago, the recreational vehicles available to those who have money are in a different class. A case in point is the Vantare Platinum Plus motorcoach, which is basically a mansion on six wheels. For a very reasonable $2.5 million, you get an interior complete with sofa and chairs covered in the softest Italian leather, many marble and crystal accents, a king-sized bed, a real bath that you can soak in, and of course all of the latest shining stainless steel appliances. You will also find touches of antique bronze, onyx and copper throughout the vehicle.

However, the real party piece isn’t inside the coach. Located under the vehicle, where you would normally find luggage storage on a mundane Greyhound bus, there is a slide-out compartment that – and this is truly incredible – Is designed to take a sports car. Of course, you could fit a little Mazda in there, but what will the neighbors think? Try a Maserati or a Ferrari instead.

Talk about traveling in style! With this RV you'll be able to hit the town as stylish as ever.

Of course, traveling on the road will only get you so far. Sometimes, you have to take to the air, and that’s where finding an airplane for sale comes in. Now, we’re not talking about a Cessna or Beechcraft here. You should be able to pick up a used Boeing 737 for $4 million to $6 million, but that would be cheap. Instead, take a page out of the book of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, who is the proud owner of a customized Boeing 747, which is fitted out with two bedrooms, a dining table that seats 14 people and even a throne. He only paid $220 million for the plane, and it looked for a while that he wanted something a little more upmarket. It seemed that the double-decker Airbus A380 might be more to his liking, and it is reported that he placed an order for a VIP version that included a concert hall with a baby grand piano and seating for 10, a steam room, and even a parking spot for his Rolls-Royce – and accommodation for his horses. However, the financial crisis seems to have got to everyone, and apparently he sold the plane to an unknown private buyer for an undisclosed price before taking delivery. He still does have the 747 however, along with a 420-room palace in Riyadh.

The private jet of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal makes this jet look absolutely tame.

When it comes to yachts, Prince Alwaleed really isn’t at the top of the world league tables. He has a yacht, the Kingdom 5KR, which he bought from Donald Trump in 1991, but that is only 282 feet, making it a dwarf compared to others – such as the 414 foot Octopus owned by Paul Allen, cofounder of Microsoft. The Prince has commissioned a new yacht, the New Kingdom 5KR, which he is going to take delivery of in 2014. However, despite the $500 million price tag, the yacht still won’t be the largest one in the world.

The honor of having the world’s largest yacht used to belong to the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, who owns, among other toys, the Chelsea football club in the UK. His Eclipse, launched in 2009, came in at 536 feet and held the title until 2013. Initially, the cost of the Eclipse was supposed to be about $475 million, but there are rumors that the final cost was nearer to $1.5 billion. For that, Abramovich got a boat that included two helicopter pads, a disco hall, two swimming pools and a small submarine. This is one of five yachts that Abramovich owns, although he has had others, including one he gave away as a gift, and another that went to his ex-wife in a divorce settlement.

The undisputed champion of the seas is now the Azzam, launched in 2013. It is over 50 feet longer than the Eclipse, and is said to have a spectacular open plan interior that includes a 90 foot long main salon, although other details of the internal facilities have not been made public so far. For a long time, it wasn’t known who had actually commissioned the yacht, but it turns out that it’s the floating palace of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi.

When the rich take their yachts out on the sea, there's a good chance they travel to Cannes in France.

Choosing The Best Luggage For Your Trip

Backpacks are a good choice for those traveling for extended periods of time.

Going on vacation can be an exciting time. You’ve got your flights booked, accommodation sorted and you’ve even gone as far as organizing an itinerary for your stay. But regardless of where you are going, everyone needs good luggage. Luggage is essentially just the storage space in which you keep a limited portfolio of your possessions, but it is so much more than just a bag for your clothes. Choosing the wrong luggage for your trip can be awkward, bulky or just generally unsuitable.

Luggage comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes, styles and weights. That is partly because there are so many different reasons and requirements for those using luggage in the first place. A quick flight across the state will probably require a small bag, for example, whereas a long vacation to Europe probably requires something a bit sturdier. To a certain extent, it depends on the type of trip you are planning and the length of time you will be away. But there are ways to ensure you get uniformly more suitable baggage to make your travel arrangements a bit easier.

The first thing to look for when choosing luggage is the size. As a general rule of thumb, you want to buy something that is large enough to fit all of your clothing and accessories, but something small enough not to contravene airline baggage limits. Many airlines specify the dimensions of the maximum bags allowed to be carried on their flights. You may have the option of paying excess baggage charges but these are frequently very expensive. Try to choose luggage that is of a more portable size, yet still offers a good amount of storage space so you can fit in everything you need.

Similarly, your luggage needs to be lightweight. Visit a luggage store, and when possible try to lift different bags. While most will be relatively light on their own, some will definitely feel bulkier and heavier than others. Heavier bags tend to be more robust and sturdier, but this comes at the price of the convenience of lifting and carrying it around while you are away. It is important for your cases to be robust, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of usability.

Aircraft holds are particularly dangerous places for bags to be. As they get tossed around throughout the trip, they can frequently come into contact with other, heavier bags, freight and even machinery. This can chew through poor quality or flimsy luggage, rendering your case – and perhaps also your possessions – unusable. This makes it all the more important to choose luggage that is solid enough to survive the rigors of international travel.

There is no point in sacrificing the volume, or types of things, you can bring on vacation, simply to suit your bag. Choose a bag that is solid enough, but also lightweight enough to be portable – preferably with the wheels to make it even easier to transport. These are advantages you only truly appreciate when something goes wrong with your luggage, but prevention is always better than cure.

When it comes to preparing for your trip, the type of luggage, suitcases and bags you use might not rank immediately top of your to-do list. But it should, because it can have a considerable impact on your enjoyment of the holiday. Not just from the point of view of limiting your wardrobe options, the wrong bags can actually cost you more money, and leave you with a burden to carry around on your arrival and departure days. Choosing the right luggage can put an end to all of this before it even becomes a factor, so you don’t have to worry about the implications of taking the wrong luggage with you.

Ten Travelling Essentials

There is a saying that the traveller who travels lightest also travels furthest. Maybe…..but one thing is for certain – the traveller who struggles around with a huge backpack crammed with non-essentials and just-in-case items quickly becomes a fed up, weary traveller.

Many travellers set out armed to the teeth, ready for all eventualities and with some strange notion that where they are headed people don’t use/sell this, that and other items… idea which hardly ever has any foundation.

Of course, a traveller might struggle to find modern comfort items and conveniences in out-of-the-way rural areas, but cities and towns all over the world stock exactly the same items or something very similar.

Shaving your backpack contents down to essential items only means you will be travelling as lightly as is possible. So, what exactly constitutes essential? Well, of course that will depend on the individual and to some degree also on the destination – no one size fits all. However, this list is intended to get you started.

A young woman backpacking in Southeast Asia.

Travel Adapters and Chargers

If you intend to take any sort of electronic device with you then don’t forget their individual chargers and country-specific plug adapters. Surprisingly, these things are not always easy to obtain once you have arrived at your destination and, even if they are available, can take some real hunting down.

Appropriate Clothing

The travellers’ watch words here are:
-anything but white

Also remember:
-clothes which you can layer are better than bulky, thick items
-if you are headed somewhere with mosquitoes then remember to include something with long sleeves and legs for evening cover up
-don’t forget to research any religious or cultural customs of your destination to ensure you have appropriate clothing
-roll rather than fold your clothes for packing which takes up way less space and creases them less

First Aid Kit

Although first-aid supplies are available almost everywhere it is always a good idea to carry your own basic kit so it is there ready, should you need it. It is far more useful to make up your own kit than buy a ready-made one because you can tailor it to the needs/risks of your specific destination.


[Also see our travel article “Global Health Insurance Coverage Choices: Travel Insurance Edition“]

There is a great debate that rages among travellers regarding insurance. Of course the choice is yours but travel insurance is relatively cheap and offers enormous peace of mind.

Horror stories abound of those folk who thought they could lighten their budget by avoiding this cost. Bear in mind also that should the worst happen, good policies aren’t just there to financially compensate you but are also there to assist you in times of crises – the very times when you need all the physical, mental and emotional help you can get.


If you are going to be travelling on a tight budget then you will probably be using dorms and using lockers for your valuables. Padlocks are sometimes provided but not always and those that are can be a little on the flimsy side. Bring your own good-quality option for greater security.

Photocopies of Essential Documents

This includes passport, visa, driving licence, work permits – anything in fact which could help you out if the originals of these important documents are lost or stolen.

A Line of Credit

It’s a good idea to open up a line of credit for your trip, even if it’s only for emergencies. A line of credit from a bank or credit card company allows you to withdraw as much or as little as you need depending on the situation. For example, the experts at BB&T recommend a BB&T home equity line of credit because it has a low fixed rate and can be borrowed and repaid whenever it’s convenient for you. This makes it the perfect line of credit to use in case of emergencies or if you run low on funds in the middle of your trip.

Sleeping Bag Liner

Although there are exceptions, it is normally a sure bet that if you spot a traveller carrying a sleeping bag he is a newbie. Experienced travellers have discovered that such a bulky item is both annoying and unnecessary because there are very few places which don’t provide bedding – even those in the super low-budget category.

However, a sleeping bag liner is something else. As a budget traveller you might well find yourself shown to rooms where the bedding looks uninviting to say the least and at those times you will be glad you have your own cocoon. A silk liner is the most useful as it will work to keep you cool when it’s hot and warm if it’s chilly.

Travel Toiletries

The only thing you need here is a small, basic kit which will get you through the first couple of days – shower gel, toothpaste and toothbrush, hand sanitiser, razor, shampoo, deodorant, sun cream.

Don’t take your full bulky bottles from home – just decant a little into small travel friendly containers (plastic not glass), alternatively, invest in some travel sized toiletries.

Another item that is well worth packing is a microfibre towel. These towels are lightweight and compact, saving space that can be used to pack other essentials. Travel towels are also quick drying and often come with anti-bacterial protection to prevent mold and odours from developing.

Ladies – sanitary items can typically be bought everywhere but it is worth noting that tampons are not easily available in many countries.

Zip-lock Bags

Great for separating dirty/wet laundry, avoiding toiletry spills and for organising your backpack as a whole.

Take the Hassle Out of Vacation Travel

The terminal at Osaka's Kansai is almost two kilometers long!

We all enjoy going on vacation, but, despite the old saying, getting there isn’t always half the fun. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting in long airport queues, suffering through lost luggage, or trying to figure out how to get to the hotel. It’s an awful way to start a holiday. However, there are things travelers can do to make the journey more enjoyable, and this starts before they ever head for the airport.

The first thing they’ll want to do is to find a flight that best meets their needs. For instance, if travelers are flexible on departure dates, they may be able to find a cheap flight from a charter airline such as Thomas Cook. However, if they need to arrive at a specific time, they will probably need to go with an airline that offers regular scheduled flights, such as American, British Airways or Air France.

However, the problem is that searching through huge numbers of airlines for the best deal is both confusing and time-consuming. Rather than doing this, it’s better to use a website that searches all the airlines to find what you want. For example, you can find Thomas Cook flights on, along with flights from American, BA, Air France and literally dozens of other carriers.

The next thing to do is to choose your seat. Travelers can do this online with many airlines, and the earlier one does it, the better choices they will have. Unless someone really want to look out the window, it’s a good idea to choose an aisle seat, since this makes it easy to get up and move around. If legroom is a problem, try to choose a seat in an emergency exit row, since these have extra space. One thing to avoid is choosing a seat at the front of the cabin by the bulkhead, especially on long flights, since this is where airlines often put passengers with babies – who inevitably start crying as soon as the flight takes off.

A Ryanair jet parked at London's Stansted Airport.

Once the airline booking/seat selection is out of the way, it’s time to start the trip. It’s a good idea to have distinctively colored luggage and to tag it with names and addresses before setting off on the journey. This will make it easy to spot at the other end, and if the luggage gets lost, people will know where to return it.

Finally, take a look at the hotel website or call them up before departing to ask the best way to get there from the destination airport. They may even offer a free shuttle service.

The Average Cost of Travel Insurance

Real life sometimes wreaks havoc on your vacation plans, Lost luggage, canceled flights, inclement weather, or family emergencies can cancel the most well-planned vacation. The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks resulted in a 10-percent increase of Americans who buy travel insurance–making the total number of Americans who purchase travel insurance about 30 percent, according to the U.S. Travel Insurance Association.The average cost of travel insurance is 4 to 8 percent of your total trip according to Cost The cost of travel insurance depends on what type of coverage you get.

High End Coverage

  • The higher end of travel insurance pays for the option to cancel your trip for any reason. Some travel insurance companies add the “cancel for any reason” option at an additional cost. Premium coverage allows you to cancel your trip for any reason and still be reimbursed your travel costs. People who purchase this Cadillac plan like to cover for the unexpected.
    Travel insurance covers for the unexpected.
    Travel insurance covers for the unexpected.

Standard Coverage

  • Travel insurance typically covers medical expenses should you require medical help during your stay. Travelers who purchase medical coverage like the peace of mind of knowing that they can seek medical attention in a far away destination without having out of pocket expenses, according to the U.S. Traveler Insurance Association. Standard coverage costs 4 to 5 percent of the entire cost of your trip.

Other Benefits

  • Travel insurance offers coverage for lost or stolen baggage, medical evacuation costs, and financial protection should your trip be interrupted, A little known gem called “excess valuation” available from airlines provides an additional $5,000 coverage should the airlines lose your bags. That’s better than the $9.07 per pound they offer with a limit of 40 pounds.

Cruise Travel

  • Seventy percent of cruise travelers buy travel insurance, according to the MSNBC travel article, “9 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance”. One reason is because unlike traveling in the U.S., where your health insurance typically covers medical emergencies in another state–cruise travel on a foreign flagged ship is not always covered by your U.S. health insurance.
    Seventy percent of cruise travelers buy travel insurance
    Seventy percent of cruise travelers buy travel insurance


  • Buying travel insurance is a personal decision. When spending $20,000 on a 30-day luxury cruise, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it to blow the $20,000 should a real-life emergency intercede. Or is it worth it to protect your investment for a cost of anywhere from $800 to $1,600? With travel insurance, you’re not only protecting your monetary investment. You’re also investing in your peace of mind.

How to Travel to Canada by Car With a Dog

Bringing the family dog along on a vacation may sound like a lot of trouble, but both your family and your pet will surely enjoy it. Traveling by air with a dog can be expensive and traumatic, but making the journey in the car is very low hassle.


  1. Make sure your dog’s rabies vaccination is up to date. If it isn’t, plan to get your dog vaccinated before you leave on the trip.
  2. Plan a visit to your veterinarian within 30 days of your trip. Tell your vet of your intentions to travel to Canada, and that you will need a rabies certificate and an international health exam certificate for your dog.
  3. Go to your vet appointment. After a quick check up, your vet will issue you an international health exam certificate. You will need to pay a $20 fee for the certificate. You will also need to bring with you the address of your destination in Canada for inclusion on the form.
  4. Ask the vet for a rabies certificate. The certificate needs to show that your dog’s vaccine is up-to-date. The certificate also must contain a description of your dog along with the specific date, serial number and manufacturer of the rabies vaccine.
  5. Pack the necessary travel documents for your dog in a convenient place, probably in the glove compartment or with your family’s passports.
  6. When you arrive at the border checkpoint in Canada, have the required documents ready for inspection by the border agent. Tell the border agent that you are traveling with a dog. Keep in mind that the border agent may not ask to see all of your documents, but it is the law that you have them in the car with you.

Factors Influencing Travel & Tourism Consumer Behaviour

As of 2010, the global travel industry contributed 9.2 percent of the world’s total gross domestic product, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. People travel for work, to visit family and friends and for pleasure. When it comes to making choices about where and how to travel, multiple factors influence travel and tourism consumer behavior.

Global Economy

  • Travel is often seen as a luxury, and when people are earning less or worried about earning less, they may eliminate travel from their budgets. As the world economy struggled in 2009 and into 2010, the travel industry suffered along with other businesses.

    According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, global travel and tourism was down nearly 5 percent in 2009, specifically due to a struggling economy. Still, as the economy bounces back, the tourism industry will as well. The World Travel and Tourism Council predicts a 3.2 percent growth in the travel and tourism industry in 2011.

Internet and Social Media

  • Consumers have instant access to reviews and opinions about travel spots and accommodations around the world, as well as airlines, car rental agencies and other related travel companies. More and more, people turn to the Internet to research potential trips and seek out bargains. Thus, the Internet and social media can influence consumers’ travel choices.

    According to The Digital Letter, reviews on sites like TripAdvisor “can make or break a destination.” Prospective travelers can read reviews and find out if others found the hotel to be clean and the staff courteous, or if the “service [they will] receive is worthy of [their] time and money.”

    The Digital Letter points out that travelers can learn everything they want to know about a destination in a matter of minutes on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. While a business’s website can also play a factor in consumer choice, if independent online reviews aren’t consistent with the company’s claims, travelers are likely to make a different selection.

Personal Budgets

  • Even with a bad economy, some people still need or want to travel. In 2010, savvy travelers have many ways to find deals online and cut their costs before heading out the door. Airlines offer online specials for discount flights and last-minute trips, and companies such as Kayak exist solely to gather the best travel deals on the Internet into one place, so shoppers can compare prices. Travelers no longer need to rely on the standard price for transportation or accommodations. They may now make their travel choices based solely on price.

How to Track Airline Fares

Everyone wants to get the best deal possible on their airline tickets. Fortunately, the internet has made tracking airline fares extremely easy. Several search engines will continually update you on airline fares for your destinations of interest after you register (free of charge). You can choose to sign up with several, or choose the one that fits your needs best.


  1. Sign up for a free email or Twitter account (if you do not have one already), where you can receive alerts from airfare tracking services that you have registered.
  2. Sign up with Receive an update when the price drops on your selected flight. Follow farecompare’s “flyfrom” Twitter feed, which offers location-specific fare sales when you plug in your home airport’s three-letter code, as in “flyfromNYC.”
  3. Use FareWatch, an exclusive service at, to help you track average fares and the current market leader for your itinerary. Select your cities and compare airfares. FareWatch offers unbiased, up-to-date information directly from the Department of Transportation. Create a free account and enjoy internet-only deals, as well as exclusive bonus offers.
  4. Use to help you track the lowest airfare prices before you fly and get airfare refunds if the ticket price increases after you buy. Sign-up through email or Twitter to have yapta track the price of your ticket and alert you of any price fluctuations. Call the airline to claim the credit.
  5. Subscribe at to receive daily, frequently, or weekly email alerts about the lowest fares. Select which alerts you want to receive: from your departure city, to your destination city or city-to-city. Airfarewatchdog maintains that all of its low fares are found and verified by humans.
  6. Use Bing Travel to help you decide when to purchase your airline tickets for the lowest fare. Select your cities and dates to find a Price Predictor, which can indicate whether the lowest fares will rise or fall during the coming week. Use Bing Travel’s Smart Travel Search to easily compare flight results for hundreds of websites and to help you decide when to buy your airline tickets. Book your flight directly at the supplier’s website.

How to Get Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flights

Extremely cheap last-minute flights are available if you’re willing to make a few compromises and search diligently. You might not get your seating preference and have to make a few plane changes, but if you are dedicated and adaptable, you shouldn’t have any problem finding those extremely cheap last-minute flights you want.


  1. Begin by calling the airline in question, because the operators that answer the phones have up-to-the-minute information about cancellations and seat vacancies. You won’t find the best seating arrangements or ideal conditions going straight to the airline, but when you’re coming in at the latest possible second, you’ll have to make some concessions.
  2. Check online and see what kind of deals you can find; this can often turn out to be beneficial. Print out a confirmation of your flight and ticket if you do this, especially if it’s done at the last minute. This will avoid any glitches or confusion once you get to ticketing at the airport, and provide you with proof you actually have the flight, because mistakes can easily happen when things are done with little time before departure.
  3. Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice when you’re looking for extremely cheap last minute flights, and don’t be too strict on your departure times. Sometimes vacancies pop up and you don’t want to miss an opportunity because you weren’t prepared.
  4. Keep looking constantly until you find what you need, both online and by continuing to call airlines. By adopting this attitude, and being ready to leave at the drop of a hat, you’ll be in the best position available to have success finding your flights.

How to Find Cheap Fares on Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines provides reasonably priced flights from many of the major metropolitan areas in the United States. Seats are not assigned on Southwest. Instead, passengers are issued A, B or C boarding passes and board the plane based on the letter of the boarding pass. Passengers can check-in to Southwest 24 hours before their flight time to get boarding passes. Finding cheap flights on Southwest takes some time and flexibility, but your efforts will be worth the trouble when you score those cheap tickets you need.


  1. Register on the Southwest website to be notified of special offers. Click on the “Special Offers” button at the top of the website and enter your email address in the Click ‘n Save box. You’ll receive an email each week informing you of special offers.
  2. Download the DING! program. You’ll be able to choose up to 10 airports and will be notified when there is a sale for those airports. Once you download DING!, you will see a small red airplane tail in your system tray. When there is a new DING! fare, you’ll hear a “ding” sound and can access the fare by clicking on the airplane tail. There are usually only a limited number of seats available at the DING! price and they are booked quickly.
  3. Keep checking the website. If you have a trip approaching and need to find cheap fares, check the Southwest website several times each day. Check first thing in the morning, in the early afternoon and before you go to bed. If you wake up in the middle of the night, head to your computer. New flights and prices are sometimes added at odd hours, and you’ll want to make it your mission to check the website as often as possible if you want to find cheap tickets.
  4. Drive to another airport if necessary. If you aren’t happy with the Southwest fares from your local airport, check out the fares in other cities. Determine the maximum number of miles that you would be willing to drive for a lower fare and check all airports in that radius.
  5. Check prices for two tickets at a time. Airlines price tickets in fare buckets. If there are only two tickets left in a lower fare bucket and you search for four tickets, you will only see the tickets available in the next fare bucket. The system will not split your request between two fare buckets. If you search for two tickets at a time, you’ll be able to book two tickets in the lower fare bucket and two tickets in the higher bucket.
  6. Book each part of the trip separately. Book two one-way trip flights rather than one round-trip flight. You may find that you have more flexibility when booking this way and can find cheaper fares by booking them separately.

How to Find Cheap International Airline Tickets

The task of finding cheap tickets for international airline travel may leave you feeling overwhelmed. The choice of travel and airline websites seems endless, and you may not even know where to begin. International airline tickets also vary dramatically in price. When comparing airlines, you can save hundreds of dollars. Follow the right strategy to get dirt-cheap tickets.


  1. Plan ahead if you want to save as much money as possible because airline ticket prices skyrocket as the departure date approaches. Begin your ticket search six months to a year in advance of your trip.
  2. Use the resources of your travel agent if you have one. A travel agent can give you easy access to practically all of the flights going to your destination.
  3. Sign up for discount offers (again, well in advance or your travel date) at airlines that travel to your international destination. Get on the airline’s email list. Don’t be afraid of junk emails because some of them might actually have the cheap deal you’ve been looking for. Airlines offer new deals almost every day, so sign up and watch out for those emails.
  4. Use the service at to find discounted flights. This website searches the databases of more than 140 airline websites, and you may be able to easily find your dirt-cheap international airline tickets here.
  5. Use websites like or Not only does the Orbitz website find flights, but it can also book your hotel, rental car and any activities that may be involved at your destination.

How to Spot Cheap Flights Scams

How to Spot Cheap Flights Scams. With airfares going through the roof, it’s only natural that you want to find cheap flights for your vacation or business travels. The bad news is that con artists know people are looking for cheap flights and a number of scams are operating that can leave you grounded and out the price of your ticket.


  1. Ignore any offers that come to you via unsolicited email (spam) or fax. These offers can look really good, but the con artists behind them always have hidden fees that you won’t find out about until you have given up your personal information.
  2. Don’t pay any money to join a “club” or pay special fees just to have the privilege of accessing cheap flights. With this scam, you are out a membership fee before you even find out for sure what flights are available. And once you join, you often find that the flights are not any cheaper than flights arranged by a travel agent or through the airline.
  3. Walk away from any deal that requires you to make your payment “right now.” High-pressure tactics are often a warning sign for scams.
  4. Pass on the offer if it says “Limited Availability.” That’s another tactic used in cheap flights scams to pressure you into booking the flight.
  5. Be careful about giving your credit card information to an unknown source. Not only do some con artists run cheap flights scams, but they also sell credit card information to identity thieves as a secondary business.
  6. Contact the Attorney General’s office in your state if you suspect a scam. With their help you may be able to recover your lost money.

How to Find Cheap Domestic Flights with Yahoo Farechase

Do you travel often? Or, are you looking to book a domestic flight soon and want to find the least expensive fares available? This article will explain how to use Yahoo Farechase to find cheap flights.

How to Find Great Prices on Flights

  1. Find the least expensive domestic airfares is to use Yahoo Farechase (in Resources below). This site allows you to find the best prices available from many airlines, as well as discount sites like Orbitz in one step without having to search each of the various sites separately.
  2. Use Yahoo Farechase–it’s simple. You just plug in your origin and destination cities, whether you want a round trip or one way and your dates of travel, and it pulls up the flights and prices. You are then directed to the airline or other website to book your flight.
  3. Consider that once you find a great flight, you go to the website. Let’s say that the best price was with AirTran. Now, you can visit AirTran for that specific flight. Call the airline or look on the website itself to see if you can get an additional discount for AAA or AARP.
  4. Check to see if moving your dates around gets you a cheaper flight. You might find, for example, that there is a special right now for flying on Saturdays.

How to Pay the Least Amount Possible for Your Flight

  1. Save even more on your flight. If you book your ticket on the Internet, you will generally save about $10 off the charge of calling the airline directly.
  2. Know that some airlines are now charging you about $5 per flight segment to select seats. You can save money by not picking seats now. The best way to deal with this is to check in early at the airport so you can get the best seats left that day without having to pay those fees.
  3. Consider that some airlines are now going to be charging for luggage over one checked suitcase. When you are searching for the best fares available, this won’t be factored into the final price, since it is unknown whether a passenger will check extra bags beyond the one. Take this into consideration if you book with an airline that has this new policy and you will need to check more than one bag.
    Flying the friendly skies cheaply sometimes means taking less luggage.

How to get last minute travel deals airline tickets and hotels CHEAP

Sometimes you just have to get away for some last minute travel rest and relaxation. Its easy to find last minute travel deals on the internet but where are those travel sites with the BEST last minute travel deals and super cheap airfare deals? As a last minute type of girl advance travel plans are not an option in my life, so I have spent hours searching for the best travel website with the lowest airfare available on the internet. The web sites mentioned below are the best web sites that offer the lowest airfare travel deals and discount flights that I have found. Before you jump on that great last minute international travel deal, PLEASE make sure your passport to travel is up to date!!


  1. If you need to be on the beach, the slopes or somewhere in between ASAP head straight for the internet and have a look at the best last minute travel and vacation website, (see the “resources section” at the end of this article for the link)

    This is where you will find the best travel deals for airline tickets and hotel packages to get away today, this weekend or later this month!

  2. If your idea of last minute is more like next month check out

    If you are looking for a last minute travel deal and you are not set on any particular destination go to
    “Shermans travel” offers very impressive cheap trip and vacation packages, including last minute cruise deals and useful travel information.

  3. Travel smart! If you are not sure if you should plan a trip in advance or wait until the last minute to purchase airline tickets and hotel rooms check out

    When you submit your search request, will predict if the price of a flight will go up, down or stay the same. Buy now or buy later? Low fares made easy.

    Living spontaneously is fun! Save time and money with cheap last minute discount flights. Travel the world! What are you waiting for?

How to Find Cheap Travel for Seniors

Just because you are a senior doesn’t mean you don’t want to travel and have some fun. Yet the reality is many that seniors have more time on their hands and less money than those adults who are working full-time. If you know where to look, there are plenty of ways to cut costs for senior travel.


  1. Travel abroad in the off-season. Summer is the most expensive time to travel as children are out of school and the weather is warmer. Air fares to Europe are much lower between mid-October and March.
  2. Join Senior groups. Groups such as the American Association of Retired Persons offer travel discounts to anyone over age 50.
  3. Travel by rail. Amtrak offers a 15% discount for senior travel. In Europe, different countries offers different deals. Eurostar offers 25% off fares for seniors, but they need to be booked ahead of time.
  4. Look for early-bird menus at restaurants. Many seniors like to turn in early, so an meal served between 5:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. may suit your needs perfectly. Many restaurants offer the same meals for less money earlier in the evening.
  5. Ask whenever and where ever you go if there is a senior discount. Many bargain prices are offered but not advertised. Make sure to ask for discounts at hotels, car rentals, retailers, restaurants, or when booking air, bus and train travel.

How to Buy Cheap Airline Tickets

How to Buy Cheap Airline Tickets. With a little forethought and some flexibility, you can reach your
favorite destinations without breaking the bank. If you don’t know anybody who works in the airline industry that can give you a hook-up, follow the advice below.


  1. Keep yourself updated on airfare wars by watching the news and reading the newspaper. Look for limited-time promotional fares from major airlines and airline companies just starting up.
  2. Be flexible in scheduling your flight. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are typically the cheapest days to fly; late-night flights (‘red-eyes’), very early morning flights and flights with at least one stop tend to be discounted as well.
  3. Ask the airline if it offers travel packages to save money in other areas. For instance, is a rental car or hotel room available at a discount along with the airline ticket?
  4. Find out whether the stated fare is the cheapest, and inquire about other options when speaking to the airline reservations clerk. If you’re using the Internet, check more than one Web site and compare rates.
  5. Inquire about standby fares if you’re flying off-season. High season is a bad time to fly standby because most airlines overbook flights, making it difficult to find a spare seat.
  6. Purchase tickets through consolidators, who buy blocks of tickets and sell them at a discount to help an airline fill up all available seats. Check the travel section of the newspaper under ‘Ticket Consolidators.’
  7. Book early. You can purchase advance-ticket discounts by reserving 21 days ahead; book even earlier for holiday flights, especially in November and December. Keep in mind that holiday ‘blackout periods’ may prevent you from using frequent-flier miles.
  8. Stay with the same airline during your entire trip to receive round-trip or connecting fare discounts.

How to Cancel My Travel Guard Insurance

Travel Guard insurance company offers various travel insurance packages which cover travelers in the event of unforeseen expenses ranging from illness, flight cancellation to even acts of terrorism. This insurance will reimburse any non-refundable travel expenses that you lose and cover medical expenses that your health care insurance does not cover. Travel Guard’s insurance costs range from five to seven percent of your total estimated travel expense but you may decide, after purchasing a policy, that you do not want travel insurance after all. You may cancel your Travel Guard insurance within fifteen days of your policy’s effective date unless you have already departed on your trip.


  1. Gather all your policy information. You will need your policy number, name, address and phone number as well as the policy’s effective date.
  2. Write a letter requesting a policy refund. State that you would like to cancel your policy and that you are requesting a full refund. Include your policy number, name and contact information.
  3. Email your request to or fax it to 715-345-2915. You may also mail it to Travel Guard, 3300 Business Park Drive, Stevens Point, WI, 54482.
  4. Save a copy of your request for your files.

How to File a Travel Insurance Claim

Travel insurance typically covers you for any mishap sustained while traveling. Insurance companies offer different plans that cover a myriad of events you might encounter while traveling. Depending on your policy, you can file travel insurance claims for trip cancellation, travel delay, baggage loss, baggage delay, baggage damage, medical expenses and accident to a rented car. Here’s how you can file a travel insurance claim.


  1. Check the coverage provided by the travel insurance policy.
  2. Decide the line of action based on the type of loss or mishap sustained.
  3. Inform the insurance company immediately after the event, as it will help speed up processing of the claim.
  4. Call the insurance agent to make sure you use the correct claim form. Claim forms differ according to the kind of coverage in your policy.
  5. Ask the insurance agent about the information and documents required for processing your claim. Usually several documents as well as pertinent information about your travel need to be submitted with your claim form. These typically include travel date(s), mode of transport, name of travel agency and reservation receipts.
  6. Collect and retain all the documents you believe are related to your claim for the kind of coverage in the policy. Your insurance agent can guide and help you in this effort.
  7. Cooperate with the adjuster from the insurance company to verify your claim.
  8. Assess the depreciation value, if possible.
  9. Monitor your claim status. It may be available online.
  10. Stay in touch with your agent to ensure prompt processing of claim.

Documents Needed for Specific Claims:

  1. Rental car claim: Provide the make of car, travel date, proof of travel, police complaint copy and the estimate of loss or damage.
  2. Air travel: Provide a copy of the airline tickets, proof of travel and estimated loss or damage.
  3. Baggage theft: Provide a list of items that are lost or stolen, a copy of the complaint to police and travel agency and estimated cost.
  4. Baggage delay: Provide a list along with receipts of urgent purchases until your baggage was returned.
  5. Medical expenses: Track the treatment offered and retain a list of prescriptions and receipts for reimbursement.

Cruise Travel Insurance Comparison

When planning a honeymoon or a dream family cruise vacation, consider purchasing supplemental travel insurance to provide protection and financial compensation in the event you need to reschedule or cancel plans. There are many different types of policies available. Tour operators, travel agents and cruise lines offer a diverse array of options. The Internet is an ideal tool to do a bit of comparison shopping before deciding on the coverage that best fits your cruise travel needs.

Lost Luggage

  • Cruise clothing, cameras, computers, sports equipment and electronics are expensive. If your luggage is misdirected or lost, travel insurance can replace your items and compensate for the financial loss. Common carriers, including airlines, cruise ships, buses, ferries and trains, include some coverage in the purchase of your ticket. This coverage is often quite limited and may not cover the value of your items. Travel insurance providers offer additional coverage to cover lost or stolen items. Compare insurance plans to make sure that you have adequate insurance to replace all high ticket items you transport.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

  • Online insurance providers offer dozens of different policies and add-on options to provide complete comprehensive insurance for persons planning a cruise vacation. Several providers offer up to $1 million in accidental death insurance, coverage for medical emergencies, medical evacuation, lost baggage, flight interruptions and cancellations, as well as for trip disruption for business. Use their interactive tools to find a policy that offers you emotional and financial assurance. Enter the date of departure and return, destinations and the number of people traveling in your group. Special group rates are offered for parties of 10 or more. Most companies offer free coverage for children under the age of 18 traveling with an insured guardian or parent.


  • Compare policies by reading the fine print. Determine if there are rules or regulations that limit coverage based on previous conditions, age or gender. Travel insurance companies also offer coverage for high risk sports activities, such as rock climbing, scuba diving, skiing and white water rafting. If activities offered by your cruise line or activities on shore put you at risk, this type of coverage is a prudent purchase.

Cancellation Protection

  • An illness in the family, conflicting business obligations, inclement weather, airline strikes or political unrest can cause you to need to cancel or reschedule your cruise vacation plans. Cruise lines, both large and small, offer insurance packages that will offset the expense of events that can disrupt your travel itinerary. Be sure to read the fine print carefully and ask questions if you do not fully understand the extent and limitations of a policy.

Why Is Travel Insurance Important?

Travel insurance is important because it protects travelers when unforeseen circumstances occur after they’ve booked and paid for their trip. The insurance helps travelers if they have to cancel their vacation plans because of personal situations or errors on the part of travel agencies and airlines. This insurance also safeguards travelers if emergencies arise once they reach their destination. Travel agencies and companies that specialize in travel insurance, such as Travel Guard, provide different policies for travelers.

Lost Medication

  • People whose baggage containing their medication is lost or stolen can fill emergency prescriptions because of travel insurance.

Identification and Cash

  • Travel insurance is important if people’s passports and wallets are lost or stolen. The insurance helps travelers replace lost identification and get emergency cash.

Medical Emergencies

  • Travel insurance covers medical emergencies, accidents and treatments that may occur on a trip to a foreign country.

Acts of Nature and Terrorism

  • Travel insurance covers money people loss if they have to evacuate their vacation location due to severe weather like hurricanes, typhoons or tsunamis. If travelers wish to cancel their trip because a terrorist attach occurred at the travel destination, travel insurance gives them a refund.


  • People with travel insurance will not lose money if cruise lines, airlines or tour operations file for bankruptcy. The insurance covers non-refundable expenses.

Flight Cancellation

  • If the airline cancels a traveler’s flight, travel insurance refunds the cost of the plane tickets.

Personal Circumstances

  • Travel insurance refunds trips that have been canceled because of personal circumstances, such as illness.

How to Get Air Travel Insurance

Air travel causes a great deal of anxiety for many travelers. The fear of the unknown causes some passengers to consider all of the mechanical, natural and manmade errors that can occur during flight. You can ease your air travel experience by purchasing an insurance policy that covers every potential contingency.


  1. Protect yourself from expensive hospital bills and fees by purchasing emergency medical care with your insurance. This portion of your policy reimburses you for emergency procedures due to changes in air pressure, elevation and illnesses that may develop on your flight.
  2. Prevent a ruined vacation due to postponed flights or mechanical difficulties with flight disruption coverage. This coverage allows you to transfer tickets from one airline to another or use alternative transportation methods.
  3. Keep your trip going despite the failure of travel carriers when you get business default insurance. This specialized portion of your policy will keep you on helicopters and airplanes even if the provider goes bankrupt or fails to meet their obligation to customers.
  4. Check the policy you purchase to determine how far its service stretches globally. Get a policy that has a contract with reliable air carriers in major destinations throughout the world to get the best value.
  5. Determine the level of experience your travel insurance dealer possesses before you sign your name on a policy. Many travelers may assume that a local agent provides better service than online dealers. This perception is not always accurate, as there are many insurance providers with years of experience selling policies online.
  6. Pay close attention to the life insurance aspects of air travel coverage as you determine the best policy for you. This portion of your air travel insurance pays out a certain amount of money to your next of kin in case of accidents in flight to make up for lost earnings.
  7. Review the definitions of an applicable airplane or airline in your travel insurance policy as you set up your next trip. Some insurance providers will not cover charter flights or new airlines in remote areas due to the level of risk involved.

 How to Purchase Medevac Travel Insurance

Most healthcare providers overseas do not accept U.S. health insurance policies, including Medicare. Medevac insurance coverage provides coverage for emergency situations on foreign soil. It also provides transportation to a U.S.- operated medical facility for the insured and often a relative. Plans also cover the repatriation of remains in the event of a death.


  1. Review your past and future travel itineraries and count the number of international trips that you expect to make on a yearly basis.
  2. Ask your personal or group health provider if they offer medevac coverage as an add-on to your health insurance.
  3. Read articles on the various coverage options for international travel medevac and terrorism policies at the Smarter Travel website. The articles often have links to companies that sell medevac policies.
  4. Compare the current rates and coverage for at least three providers. Request a written quote by mail or by fax. You will often get better coverage from companies that have offices and customer service representatives worldwide.
  5. Check the Better Business Bureau rating for the companies that you are considering. In addition to complaints or warnings, note how long the company has been operating as an emergency medical evacuation provider.
  6. Consult the Consumer World site for in-depth reviews of different travel insurance companies, links to government consumer agencies and information on avoiding travel scams.
  7. Choose a carrier whose coverage meets your needs. Purchase an annual coverage policy if you make several trips every year. Purchase per-trip coverage, if you only plan to make one or two international trips a year.