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How to Travel Comfortably in Beijing

In present society, more and more people like traveling. Especially when you feel have heavy pressure, that is a good way to relax. However, if you want to have a comfortably travel you can choose Beijing. There are a lot of different culture, language, beautiful places, and landscape. And you will have unforgettable trip and amazing experience traveling to Beijing according that.


  1. Order tickets From Chinese travel agency, you may get them with a much lower price. get a map of Beijing, it includes: transportation and scenic spots.
  2. Learn some basic Chinese. Such as,

    • Nihao (as Nee Howl) means hello,
    • Xiexie (as Sher Sher) means thank you,
    • Zaijian means see you. These words are very useful in Beijing.
  3. Visiting some tourist spot; it consist some traditional building: The summer palace, The Great Wall and The Tian’Anmen square. You can realize the history of china or some story about Chinese emperor.
  4. Going to shopping street, for example: WangFuJing pedestrian street, there are many Department Store is designed to be a high-grade large department store intended for high-level consumers It will mainly sell world-known brand clothing, superior cosmetics and household commodities and restaurant.
  5. Go to market –Silk street and Hongqiao-pearl-market, it sells many souvenirs, clothes and jewelry; you can get these lower price. Don’t forget bargain with sales assistant, because they will give you high price. If he said a price, you can give him half of that price.
  6. Taste Chinese food. In QuanJuDe, you will eat Beijing duck, it is very famous in Beijing .Beside you can eat dumplings, or some Beijing snack. You will love these foods.